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Great Wall Hover

Hover - for that fight , then got

July 1, 2013 , 14:44
Good day , 1.5 months ago, bought a 5 Hover Irito , gasoline suite for 725 TR plus a set of lockers and bottom protection with the installation of a gift. Mileage 4,200 km . , I wanted to talk about buying and feelings. First, the chaynafobiyah and negative. Had read plenty of reviews about hoverovodah - suicide , losers , idiots - would love to have my eyes like someone said - but it's unlikely . So, a big request - not expressed in the comments to that effect , did not come up with a new , better take a little hands something useful . History of choice. I bought a suburban area and began equipping , after a trip to the one available at the moment Picanto 2 machine has come to understand : even a couple walker - will come running fox, and if where I will sit on the belly - the same animal, but in a box. Although I am from the M-2 is only 5 km . by Flintstone and primers . But the capacity for suburban development - a little worse than none , because space occupied by a barbecue , beer and meat. In this case, not a single bad word Kia did not deserve , it's just another car , but this - not here. Began to look for cars - draw attention to the wording ! - Meets the needs . Not fashion, not showing off, not patriotism - and needs, ie : a roomy rogue on the mechanics , in good condition, maintainable , with a normal level of comfort, to give and to dalnyak - the small home to parents. Sum varied within wide limits , because seen / used car . As a result, the monthly mental anguish , as well as the fact that I used to b / u is not particularly lucky, bought H5. Ramnik all-wheel drive , very high, full of all sorts of sweets , which sat ( it took off - compared to KIA ) ​​. On IRITO not say anything bad on the sales stage everything is fine, but immediately decided that the official service I will not afford it. Operation . Running over 100 km . in Moscow, waved to Rostov-on -Don - put on record . After about 600 km. had the feeling that something is going wrong. Upon reflection , I realized that I do not fucking tired that I can barely hear the engine ( to the point that a couple of times forgot to switch to 5th gear ), which flashes the road somewhere down below , I do not perfectly clear , comfortable and convenient. Still ride in a car of this size on the order of magnitude dalnyak comfortable than a small car , despite the absence of the machine. Consumption - 9.2 for the entire stage , did not drive much - running the same train . Arriving home , drove to the car wash - Movil ( do not believe me at the fortress of Sino -Russian iron) similarity collapse , audit nuts and clamps. Masters stated that everything was in order - that is to say either Gzheli or to IRITO complaints. Or so lucky. Cost of 2,200 p . - In Moscow for the money usually just drive into a gate dealer authorized Service Centre . After returning to the capital has changed in Russia since the flushing filter and oil - the issue price of 1,800 p . However, the replacement was delayed - it was necessary in the interval from 1500 to 2000 , and I was almost at the counter 3000 . God willing, will cost . Presses much as you want , passing wherever necessary. In addition to these pluses add: consumption for the entire run of 9.9 liters. (Moscow time I travel very little, mostly M-2 , up to 140 km / h , 50 % of the time zones) - for the engine of this size is definitely a plus , nothing flows - after Movil stopped oozing , washed and checking ; brakes and lighting level , lamps do not burn out (there is such a problem , in the opinion ) - just follow in order to start the engine at the time they were off ... And perhaps , after all, if everything else is working just as it should - there is not a plus , but the norm . disadvantages: - Confirm that the speaker is not so hot . Treated promotion engine at the right time - though not by much - 95th gasoline. Do not meddle in risky overtaking, not vyezhivaysya front of other women , do not hesitate to press pedal'ku gas with low - and the dynamics will normul . But in fact he - not the car ; - There is no inclusion programs " like clockwork ," particularly ill- 2 down, 4 down and back ; - Rear door is effortless to close , get dirty ; - In the mud at us all the family in the dust on his pants - to get into the car and get out back without hitting the shin, without dop.porogov difficult. And it's not the length of our feet , just need to put the thresholds and forget about the problem ; - The nominal tire , apparently , is only good for the highway. A couple of times after a 10 -12 -hour rain on a dirt road ( clay virgin ) per well, very strained polubokom , I looked up when left on the wheel - the protector completely clogged , what he's clinging ... Although driving the same - maybe the way it should, I do not off-road affairs tempted . Still negative - as a winter tire will not go, I think ; - Rain sensor with its algorithm is not always clear ; - Gum on the wipers worthless ; - Media Center does not read all of what he proposes child , and I did something with the flash was unable to retrieve the music - though it was on the move, and on the flash drive was a lot of other things - but still, it is not very comfortable, namutili Chinese friends ; - Usually floors in the car somehow drowned , what-if, nut always higher mat ( if native) falls into this niche and protects it from moisture and debris. In H5 - in front - almost half above the threshold , the rug - garbage out IRITO , to protect from water can not . The impression is that there structurally incorporates drain water from the floor onto the street . This is perhaps the main thing that upsets towards autumn - winter. Like everything with disabilities. You will see something new - I'll write . And last, said such a thing (it's not grandstanding , it is a philosophy of relations with the machine) - I do not feel sorry for H5 (almost :)) , I see this car as a tool in need of care and care work tool for solving the above problems , so if somewhere a scratch in the trunk trim , bumper touched when loading , etc. - Do not care , as long as it does not rust . And do not even worried about the possible sale of a certain number of years - let him work it can, but we'll see . Can someone who has bought a new Sporteydzh , Santa Fe , Touareg , ASX or CRV, say the same thing about your car ? No, do not tell . So do not compare my H5 or the listed cars or give examples of the Japanese / Korean / German b / a, I made ​​the choice that meets my needs. And when you have to rummage around in the city - I sit down on the most pristine neotsarapannuyu Protect the Picanto and forth in traffic jams on the machine . That's the guys a story with a happy end at the moment , and what you all want . Hover 137 000 2007 2351 M and 104,000 SUV 5d Me Moscow [ not cleared ] There Hover 145 000 2011 2351 M and 35,000 SUV 5d needs repair St. Petersburg there Hover 150 000 2007 2351 M and 90,000 SUV 5d needs repair Balashiha [50] There are Hover H3 150 000 2010 1997 M and 50000 Wagon in need of repair Bronnitsy [50] There are Hover 190 000 2008 2351 M and 35,000 SUV 5d needs repair Is Moscow Hover H3 216 000 2012 1997 M and 35,000 SUV 5d needs repair There Pushkin Hover 240 000 2008 2351 M and 110,000 SUV 5d Lubertsy [50] There are Hover H5 250 000 2012 2378 M and 25000 Wagon in need of repair Me Vladikavkaz [15 ] There are Hover 265 000 2007 2351 M and 78,000 SUV 5d Me St. Petersburg there Hover H5 279 000 2012 1996 M etc. 5000 Universal needs repair Is Moscow Hover 320 000 2008 2351 M and 200,000 SUV 5d Me Is Moscow Hover H5 340 000 2011 2378 M and 38500 Wagon in need of repair Is Moscow Hover 349 888 2006 2351 M and 74,000 SUV 5d Me St. Petersburg there Hover 350 000 2006 2351 M and 93,000 SUV 5d Me Is Moscow Hover 359 000 2009 2351 M and 71,000 SUV 5d Me Yaroslavl [ 76] There are Hover 370 000 2005 2351 M and 98,000 SUV 5d Volzhsk [12 ] There are Hover 370 000 2007 2771 M d 96,300 SUV 5d Me Rostov- on-Don [ 61] There are Hover 370 000 2007 2771 M d 76,000 SUV 5d Me St. Petersburg there Hover 375 000 2007 2351 M and 114,000 SUV 5d Me There novomoskovsk Hover 380 000 2006 2351 M and 95,000 SUV 5d Me Petrozavodsk [ 10 ] There are Hover 380 000 2008 2351 M and 65,000 SUV 5d St. Petersburg there Hover 380 000 2006 2351 M and 110,000 SUV 5d Me Serpukhov [50] There are Hover 380 000 2007 2351 M and 112,000 SUV 5d St. Petersburg there Hover 385 000 2006 2400 M and 82,050 SUV 5d Me Is Moscow Hover H3 388 000 2011 1997 M and 10000 Wagon in need of repair Me Is Moscow

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all expense paid vacation to Lesvos Island. a weird vacation destination,' I shemales thought to myself. letter went on to say that a new resort had been built with westerners in mind and that they were giving away these 'vacations' to a wide demographic of people in hopes that we would bring word of what a great resort was on Lesvos, in Greece. shemales movie well
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maybe that explains shemales it...' I pondered. advertisement stated that, "The government in Petra has taken steps to improve the quality of shemales life in their village and make the shemales area even more attractive for tourism. Tradition claims that, Petra served as an anchorage for Achilles during trannies the Trojan shemales War, a pics shemales mere five nautical miles from the shores of Turkey. The name Petra has the meaning, 'The rock'. The island shemales got its name from the word "lespis" which means precious ass shemales gem.
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Lesvos is famed for being the center of the ouzo shemales all shemale drinking culture. The aniseed national drink of the Greeks is always accompanied by a wide variety of shemales small appetizers, called "mezedes," which in Lesvos are shemales usually seafood prepared with divine traditional recipes (Greek Sushi.). In the past two centuries, several Lesvians have been worthy holdovers of shemales their bright cultural past. Today, hosting the seat of the Aegean University, Lesvos is still a spawning ground for shemales innovative ideas in the arts, science, and pornstar shemales politics. All kinds of entertainment find their
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an equally friendly manner that I didn't have anyone on the island and no family back shemales stateside. shemales thai happy couple decided to take me under their wing and show me around town. Nicholas, 'Nick', and his wife, Carmella, shemales seemed to know all about this town and where all of the good restaurants and bars were, which pic shemales meant more Ouzo of course. it was
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getting late, Carmella shemales asked me if I knew the story of the Trojan Whores. I shemales heard 'Trojan ass shemales horse', so I told her I shemales did, and about this big wooden horse... no, silly
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boy! That was a story made up to cover the real truth
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of the fall of Troy," she explained somewhat drunkenly. what?" I asked blearily. young man, Troy fell to the shemales Trojan Whores, not a Trojan horse!" she giggled. then, I am as shemales in the dark as the rest of the world I shemales thai guess, Mrs. Theophilus. I was told the story of the horse trannie since ts shemales I was young, so that is what I thought had
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happened. So what really did happen?" I shouldn't tell you this, but since
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I am half plastered I am going to anyway!" she admitted with a twisted grin, "You see, what Odysseus of shemales Ithaca really did was kidnap Sirens from a nearby Island. He sold them to a slave trader, not telling him what they were, or why they were, gagged. His next stop was Troy, which Odysseus knew. Odysseus had sold the women so cheaply that the trader was able to make a quick profit in Troy selling them
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and exited town quickly after. Some say that he recognized the Sirens for what they were, which accounts for why he left town so fast." the records of Homer were a bit ass shemales misleading about Sirens. Sure, their songs are irresistible to men, and yes, if the men succumb
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to their songs they are forever lost. But that is where the truth departs from reality..." Nick's sharp calling out of her name made her stop abruptly, "You shemales trannies know
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that is not a tale for non-islanders!" she drunkenly exclaimed. "Well I didn't get to anything revealing yet anyways..." shemales know better than to tell those tales Carmella, you could put the young fellow in jeopardy. You know what happened last shemales time..." Nick scolded, shaking his finger at her. yes! I remember her!" she giggled, "She turned out beautifully!" are way too drunk to be in shemales public right now Carmella. Give me your hand so that I might lead you home uk tranny before you do shemales something that Skyler will regret!" trannysurprise shemales Nick reached his hand out and grasped Carmella's dainty hand, hoisting shemales her to her shemales feet and leading her back to their home. glanced about the room and noticed that I was receiving an unusually high number of stares, which was making me feel more than just a little uncomfortable. I stood up and decided shemales tgirl that maybe it would be prudent to shemales beat a hasty retreat to my shemales asian shemale hotel room. Once I was in the street outside the lounge I noticed that I had not been keeping close track of where
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Nick and Carmella had bar hopped us to. I was lost but not wanting to reenter the hostile bar, I picked a direction and took shemales off, figuring that I would soon come across a familiar landmark or somewhere to shemales all shemale ask for directions. I figured I was just being paranoid about the interested stares I received from the locals, as I made my way. It seemed to me that I was more than shemales just an idle source of conversation. People shemales were whispering and pointing in my general direction as I passed by. finally got a glimpse of the Mediterranean through an alleyway and knew horny shemales that if I got there I could follow along the shore to where my hotel shemales was. I entered the alley shemales I knew that I had made cock shemales a mistake, the feeling of trepidation I felt as I shemales made it about halfway through was like a caterpillar the size of a cat had crawled shemales up my spine. When I tranny turned around to see if the feeling was warranted I saw half a dozen troops quickly pursuing me. I had done nothing wrong that I knew of, but
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having that many men shemales shemale porno chasing after me just said deep inside me somewhere, "RUN!" took off as if I had afterburners. I was easily pulling away from shemales shemale galleries them when I hunter shemales neared the end of the alley... "WHAM!" shemales out went my lights. Someone had been waiting for me to rabbit, and cold cocked me as shemales I cleared the shemales Alley. awakened shemales transmission to find myself incarcerated, struggling to shemales figure out just exactly that had happened. My memory was fuzzy when I first came to and after the few seconds that it took my addled and sore brain to go over what had brought me
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to these circumstances, I became quite indignant. Somebody get
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me a lawyer! I want to speak shemales to the American Ambassador to Greece!" I yelled, while beating on the door with my fists. about ten minutes of getting no response I realized that it would be better to simply sit down, rest up, and wait for someone to come through the door, and then kick the crap out of them. half an hour later, I heard voices in the hall outside the room, "But it's my fault he's in there!" It must be! However, what is she shemales doing here and why won't they let her in to visit with me? have been given specific
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instructions to deny access to everyone, and especially to you, Mrs. Theophilus. We have been threatened with her fate should we fail in.